At vitalway, we see you. The real you. The person you are. The person you could be. The person you want to be. We believe everyone has their own personal values, but sometimes living by our values can be hard. Our programs and training are designed to help you reconnect with your values, take control of your life, and thrive. vitalway is your way to courage, confidence and capability.


Imagine a place where innovative and immersive techniques and technologies come together to help disengaged young people reintegrate with their community.
That’s the VitalHub.

By focusing on emotional and social intelligence, the VitalHub creates experiential learning that goes beyond clinical theory.

Preliminary University Research has reported 100% positive impacts in attitude & life choices after 6 weeks.

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We run two school-based programs:
UNLIMITED (10-14 years)
NO LIMITS (15+ years)

These purpose-built programs help young people rediscover who they are by allowing them to reconnect with their values so they flourish in their personal, schooling and family lives. All sorts of students can benefit from these programs, which cover the spectrum of mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development.

When young people are empowered to live by their personal values and recognise the values we all share, they can live in harmony and be productive members of our community. Participants in these programs can find peace, focus, purpose and hope while strengthening their life relationships.

These programs were developed with over 30 years of experience and are implemented by hundreds of school workers and youth workers both Australia-wide and internationally.

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Our training is designed for:
Anyone working with young people or teams

We know that one size does not fit all, so the vitalway training programs have the flexibility to suit your needs and desired outcomes. We help participants discover techniques to facilitate personal management, group management and change management. Using real-life principles founded on action-based learning methods.

All our training revolves around how stronger connections with personal values can unleash individual potential and improve relationships within groups and teams.

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We hold regular training for school workers, youth workers and anyone else interested in running one of our programs with young people. Let’s help our young people reach their full potential in life!



We also offer training tailored towards helping you and your team apply your skills and learnings in your home environment. Our training is personalised and custom-designed training for small groups. It is for those new to the vitalway and also for those wishing to refresh their skills or enhance their understanding.

Interested in training for your team?

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Be the person who creates the change that can transform young lives.

Making a difference to the life of a young person is one of the most important things anyone can do.

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