VITAL ProJeX is a premier training program that offers a unique and effective paradigm for working with young people. This paradigm focuses on integrating values through action-based learning. 

The VITAL Story

VITAL ProJeX began on a foundation of over 100 years of combined experience of working (and learning) to produce the best and most efficient outcomes for disadvantaged young people and their families.
Initially we ran programs ourselves with young people, and as we saw the results and the way lives and communities were being changed – we wanted to help others use our paradigm too. That’s when we began to train others. Something we learned early on is that the mentors and carers of youth – including school chaplains, youth leaders, sports coaches and more – don’t just need a another booklet or program to store on their bookshelves. No, they need to experience the VITAL paradigm themselves, to truly understand how it works and how to use it to unleash people’s potential in their own settings. Our training is based on what we teach – learning through action!


Our Mission

To provide alternatives of hope to troubled youth through preventative and reactive needs-based programs. We do this through quickly creating emotionally-safe environments of respectful, supportive relationships and by providing developmental opportunities to grow as a whole person (mentally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually), in order that young people can become productive members of their communities.

Our Objectives

This is how we achieve our mission.

  • Mentoring troubled youth in the positive development of values and life skills such as: self image/worth, consideration of others, taking responsibility, conflict management, forgiveness, and ov
  • ercoming fear and insecurities.
  • To foster a healthy peer group culture through positive small group interactions and challenging activities.
  • Facilitating opportunities for young people to develop healthy, positive relationships with mature caring adult models (mentors).
  • To train and engage responsible volunteer, part time and full time staff in the facilitation and mentoring of young people.
  • Long term concern for young people.
  • Offer fun, entertainment and appropriate responsibility.
  • Where appropriate and asked for, share own personal faith.
  • We do the above using action-based learning principles.Young_people

VITAL Today!

Today we are a community funded, charitable non-profit organisation having an international impact by influencing both ‘youth at risk’ and their leaders. Our organisation is headed by a Board of Directors and Management team, and we rely on an amazing team of volunteers too. You can meet our team over here!

After our official launch in 2012, VITAL now focuses on three areas:

  • No Limits and UnLimited Programs – Highly successful middle and high school programs in group behaviour development, where students develop towards being productive members of their communities who reach their full potential in life.
  • VITAL Training Programs – Have a quantum leap in your group work skills for more effective outcomes with – Accelerated Leadership, the Disadvantaged, the Anti-social or the ‘At Risk’ young and not-so-young. These are five and seven day residential training programs for adults who work with young people. Learn the extremely successful paradigm of  ‘Beyond Rules, Beyond Lectures and Beyond Fear‘. These are life attitude changing experiences with 100% positive feedback.
  • Professional Development Courses – These are flexibly structured to suit your needs. Running from just 90 minute workshops up to 2-day courses these action-based sessions have a very high integration factor. Facilitators use all four learning styles to ensure the outcomes are more than just information but the knowledge has penetrated your attitude, values and behaviour. Our PD courses are also suitable for teachers needing to fulfil their APST requirements or for Business Professionals wanting to enhance their culture and influence in the workplace.


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