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            2 Day Group Work Power Tools – Stage 1  – CLICK HERE

Advanced Group Skills for any Group Facilitator/ Trainer / Instructor. 
Download Experientially – 40 years of the Best Kept Secrets in Group Work.  
Outcomes: High Engagement, Create Positive Culture, High Attendance, Dissolve Conflict and Behavioural issues. 

           2 Day Group Work Power Tools – Stage 2  – CLICK HERE

Specifically focused on being trained and accredited to Facilitating VITAL’s Programs – 
– ‘UnLimited’ (yrs 10-14)  
– ‘No Limits’ (Yrs 15+) 
Stage 1 is a Prerequisite 

2020 Sept 16-23             7 Day VITAL (2) Residential Training Program – CLICK HERE

Premier Training event focused on achieving;
– The highest personal growth for Group Facilitators. Breaking thoughts and habits towards being the best role model for your participants. 
– Living this new Paradigm as you learn it by practising with your Peers – a Game changer for transforming the lives and attitudes for your programs
– Not just deeply integrating GWPT Stage 1 and 2 but actually experiencing the growth journey for yourself. 
– Training,  assessments and accreditation for Facilitating ‘UnLimited & No Limits Programs

– Amazing community experiences, that you can also use to build life time memories

VITAL Training is based 30 years of constant refinement that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet for this price.