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Feeling Cards
Feeling Cards
"So what are you feeling?"
"... HUH??"

Have you ever asked someone how they are feeling and they come up blank? Or you know there is tension in a group, but no one will admit it or deal with it?

This is an extremely useful resource that can help recognise or subtly draw out the underlying conflicting feelings in individuals and a group. Designed by VITAL ProJeX, this set of 60 common positive and negative feelings acts as a visual aid to help people identify, name, understand and link feelings. Used during a debrief, in conflict management, for reflection or review, in 'one on one' counselling or for group work, you will find this resource powerful and versatile.

Includes: 60 durable cards, 190 x 65mm, a box to keep the cards in, and instructions for suggested use.

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"These cards have even resolved fights between my teenage kids. I am really impressed how these cards easily bring feelings out into the open so they can be resolved. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend were having a big argument in my house and she stomped off to her room. I had these cards on the bench and I asked the boyfriend to have a look through them and pick a few feelings he was having and to go and show it to her. In a few minutes my daughter appeared asking for 'those stupid cards'. She pulled some out and went back to her room. Within 20 minutes they were both out again - all smiles and resolved!" - Charles D

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