Would you like to help disadvantaged young people somehow, but don’t have the resources or can’t get away from work and other obligations?

Then why not still be a volunteer by donating one hour (even 30 minutes) per week of your salary instead? Every Monday morning (or whichever day you choose) you can go to work knowing that your first hour is going towards making a HUGE difference in young people’s lives, by skilled workers that you have helped be available.

 A high school teacher’s observations of antisocial students after attending our No Limits Course (1 hr/week – 2 terms)
“Changes I have observed include:
  •  increased attendance
  •  improvement in punctuality and preparedness
  • applying for and attaining leadership positions in the school
  • greater engagement in subject areas
  • less reactivity to their least favourite teachers
  • lower referral rates to administration
  • having other staff send me unsolicited emails re changes they have noticed in students on the program”
    Peter F 

 As a Not-for-Profit organisation, we rely on the financial support of individuals and businesses who are willing to say “I want to help”.

Every donation dollar is efficiently managed towards the best outcomes for young people.

Every donation large or small does make a difference.

Can you be part of the difference?
All donations are Tax Deductible
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"Thank you for helping us keep on going and growing and making a difference in young people's lives." - the VITAL team.

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