All of the impact we’re having on young people’s lives – and their wider communities – is possible thanks to our generous supporters. We rely on volunteers and donations to operate day-to-day, as well as to expand, grow, and reach our full potential – to impact young people’s lives.

Here are some ways you can get involved with VITAL on a corporate level.

1. Sponsor or Donate

We partner with generous businesses – small and large – to make a difference in young people’s lives in our local communities. Thank you so much for your support – its ongoing impact in individual lives, families and communities is unlimited.

  • 486000_10151583956591340_214033381_nYou may sponsor youth workers and/or chaplains to receive VITAL training on a residential training program. The VITAL training program qualifies youth workers and chaplains to run the No Limits and UnLimited programs in schools. Your support helps meet the demand in schools by supporting this training.
  • You may sponsor No Limits or UnLimited in a school of your choice. (Please send an email to info@www.vitalprojex.com to see if our programs are operating in your area.)
  • You may sponsor program development. We are always developing new projects and usually have quite a few in waiting until we have enough funds to begin.  Could you sponsor or support program development?
  • Are you able to donate equipment or sponsor equipment purchases? For example, computers, computer programs, office equipment, training equipment and more.
  • Could you sponsor a VITAL staff member? We would love to employ staff in a number of areas, but need the funds to support them.
  • One-time donations are always extremely helpful and we make sure we use them where funding is most needed.
Make a One-Time Donation
Our website settings require a minimum default donation amount of $10.00. However (as some have requested!) you're able to make a larger donation by selecting from the drop down box below.

"Thank you for helping us keep on going and growing and making a difference in young people's lives." - the VITAL team.

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2. Volunteer

Could you or your staff volunteer? Perhaps you have skilled staff who could allocate one hour per week/ fortnight to use their skills for VITAL? Examples of include administration, marketing, communications, graphic design, grant writers or even accounting.

Please use the form below to let us know about professional volunteering opportunities for you or your organisation.

3. Advocate

10857862_10152973872956340_1617137672028088561_nDo you have networks and contacts that could support VITAL or benefit from our programs? We want to know! Many of our programs across Australia have been initiated by locals who asked us if we could come to their schools. Perhaps you know a local chaplain or youth worker who could benefit from our training? Maybe you have contacts in other countries who would be interested in bringing VITAL to their home country? Perhaps you know someone who is looking for a valuable, impacting program to sponsor. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

Raise awareness – could you encourage your co-workers/staff to support VITAL’s one hour per week program? Could you organise a corporate fundraiser or charity event? Display posters in your office? Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook?

Please use the contact form below to get in touch about network opportunities.

4. Training

3 three (76)One of the ways we raise funds is through our Professional Development training. Why not have VITAL run your next training day, and support our cause at the same time? This is also a great opportunity to experience VITAL for yourself and see if you want to consider further support. And we bet you won’t believe the difference it makes – our PD days are unlike any other!

Please use the contact form below to develop a training program for your needs.

What You Get In Return

  • We share our corporate partners’ logos on our website (unless they wish to remain anonymous) and encourage our members and networks to support your business wherever possible.
  • We often share our corporate partners on our social media pages – particularly Facebook.
  • Increase your employee satisfaction by being an employer who cares about people and supports their community.
  • Know that you are truly making a difference in young people’s lives in your community. Our programs have helped many young people change their ways and become leaders in their schools.
  • Give back to the people and communities that support your business.
  • Help raise a generation of young leaders, who may one day even work for you!

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner to VITAL ProJeX, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Corporate Partner Enquiry

Fill in the details below to find out more about becoming a corporate partner to VITAL.


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