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All of the impact we’re having on young people’s lives is only possible because of you. We rely on volunteers and donations to operate day-to-day, as well as to expand, grow, and reach our full potential – to impact young people’s lives.

Below you’ll find some ways you can get involved with VITAL.

1. Sponsor or Donate

Every donation goes a long way, and we really can’t thank you enough. 10665211_10152887330081340_1279957147885413593_n

  • Would you love to volunteer but can’t get away from work and other obligations? Then why not donate one hour per week of your salary instead? Every Wednesday morning (or whichever day you choose) you can go to work knowing that your first hour is going to make a huge difference in young people’s lives.
  • You may sponsor youth workers and/or chaplains to receive VITAL training:  Each facilitator participates in a residential training program. The VITAL training program qualifies youth workers/chaplains to run the No Limits and UnLimited programs in schools. Your support helps meet the demand in schools by supporting this training.
  • You may sponsor No Limits in a school of your choice: Please contact us using the form below to see if No Limits and UnLimited staff are operating in your area.
  • You may sponsor program development: We are always developing new projects and usually have quite a few in waiting until we have enough funds to begin. Could you sponsor or support program development?
  • Or simply make a donation and we’ll put it to where we can use it best.  And don’t forget – you. are. amazing.
All donations are Tax Deductible
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Make a One-Time Donation
Our website settings require a minimum default donation amount of $10.00. However (as some have requested!) you're able to make a larger donation by selecting from the drop down box below.

"Thank you for helping us keep on going and growing and making a difference in young people's lives." - the VITAL team.

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2. Volunteer Mentor984068_10152436614581340_3103650371731380210_n

We welcome and encourage Community members to volunteer their time as mentors in the No Limits and UnLimited programs in schools and communities around Australia.

With a commitment of two hours per week for 18 weeks (excluding school holidays), you can personally encourage and help support the young people attending these programs in your area. The program is highly structured and you will be supported at all times by a trained facilitator.

Contact us using the form below if you are interested.

*Please note there is a selection process for this role.

3. Professional Volunteer

We value the diverse skills, knowledge and generous hearts of our volunteers.319002_10151328716566340_1643588244_n

Are you able to contribute your professional skills to the VITAL ProJex team? Opportunities exist in graphic design, video, photography, administration, communications and other areas. If you are willing to share your time and skills, please fill in the form below to see how you can be part of the team. If your profession is not listed above, we encourage you to still contact us as we highly value your unique skills and will try to find a place for you.

Your level of involvement will depend on what you are able to contribute. We have volunteers who contribute an hour per week, one day per fortnight, or even a few hours here and there when they are available or when we have a project. In other words, we’re very flexible, so long as you are willing to commit to your role.

Our main office is based in Ipswich, QLD, however for many roles you may be able to do them from home or on site (e.g. at the project location).

We are pleased to provide references for our professional volunteers, and would encourage you add your volunteer experience with us to your CV. You can also follow us and link to us on LinkedIn.

Contact us using the form below if you are interested.

4. Door Opener29606_10151933120156340_483967232_n

Do you have networks and contacts that could support VITAL or benefit from our programs? We want to know! Many of our programs across Australia have been initiated by locals who asked us if we could come to their schools. Perhaps you know a local chaplain or youth worker who could benefit from our training? Maybe you have contacts in other countries who would be interested in bringing VITAL to their home country? Perhaps you know someone who is looking for a valuable, impacting program to sponsor. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you (use the form below to get in touch with us).



Get Involved

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