The Values-Based Outcomes Accreditation

10940602_10153088462226340_8599124816334952241_nValues-based training is becoming more and more recognised across Australia as the most important and effective way to bring about real outcomes in helping people and teams reach their potential.

Following this trend, many schools and other groups have come to us asking how they can know which camp sites are the best to use – they wanted to be sure that the camp programs were based on VITAL principles and that the facilitators were trained with us. To meet this demand we developed the VITAL ProJeX Values-Based Outcomes Accreditation, to prove that your programs are based on VITAL principles – the highest quality values-based programs and training available.

What Does The Accreditation Show?

10926438_10153088461821340_1654943491147208830_nThe VITAL accreditation proves that your camp site has achieved the highest level of understanding the process of group dynamics in creating an emotionally and physically safe environment that moves participants beyond fear, rules and lectures, to bring out their maximum potential by focusing on ‘Values Outcomes’.

Specifically, the Values-Based Outcomes Accreditation proves your competency in four different areas, based on the level of accreditation you achieve:

1509690_10153088436696340_6847061612195209401_n1. Understanding the VITAL Paradigm

2. Integrating Beyond Rules and Beyond Fear

3. Integrating Beyond Fear and Beyond Lectures

4. Complete Integration of Beyond Lectures

View VITAL Values Outcomes Accreditation – 4 Levels Explained PDF for more information.

How Can I Get Accredited with VITAL?

We are currently offering camp sites and other adventure-based programs the opportunity to earn your Values-Based Outcomes Accreditation. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us today!

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