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For students aged 15 years+

No Limits is a VITAL ProJeX school-based program which introduces students to a powerful and unique group environment where they will explore the unlimited potential of themselves and those around them.

Young people today can miss the chance to learn or grow in-depth constructive values. This course allows participants the opportunity to be an integral part of a team, and to demonstrate (and experience) integration of healthy values. Some of these values include trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, resilience, consideration of others, high self-esteem along with around 45 others which are intentionally integrated into the program. For many youth ‘at risk’, this will be the first time they have experienced these values in real life. Through addressing values, the No Limits course deals with life’s core issues, which then has a positive impact on negative behaviours often displayed by young people. Issues such as bullying, poor academic achievement through low self-esteem, substance abuse, insecurity, lack of responsibility and self-harm are often corrected when they integrate these values into their lives.

The No Limits program was developed with over 20 years experience, trialling and improving. It was first introduced in Queensland and has now been successfully implemented by hundreds of school Chaplains and Youth Workers both Australia-wide and internationally.

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Bringing No Limits to Your School

Each of our programs require a trained facilitator (you!). We hold regular training for School Chaplains, Youth Workers and anyone else interested in running a No Limits program with young people. Let’s help our young people reach their full potential in life!

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