These resources are for group/team facilitators or leaders. Many of these are designed specifically for the No Limits and UnLimited programs, and for those who have completed the VITAL residential training. However, some of the below resources are useful even if you haven’t completed VITAL training. They are all created to help you effectively engage with your groups in an interactive and visual way.

Feelings Cards
Feeling cards
A set of 60 feelings cards
(visual aids) for use in
individual or group debriefs,
reflections and discussions.
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Adventure Model Teaching Kit
Adventure model
Everything you need to run
the Adventure Model in both
the No Limits and
UnLimited programs.
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Gaps Illustration Teaching Kit
Gaps model
Everything you need to run the
popular Gaps Illustration in
both the No Limits and UnLimited
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Flexible Write Board
A companion for the group
facilitator – use indoors or
outdoors to teach, draw and
aid discussions in a fun way.
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Spin the Bottle
Spin the Bottle
A fun resource for use in teenage and
adult groups, designed to build trust
and an environment of safe
communication within the group.
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Self Concept Diagram Teaching Kit
Everything you need to run
the Self-Concept Diagram in
both the No Limits and
UnLimited programs.
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Values Cards
Values Cards
These cards are an invaluable resource
for group facilitators. These important
visual aids are used in the No Limits
and UnLimited programs, but can be
used outside of these programs too.
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UnLimited Castle Poster
UnLimited Clouds Castle
A specially designed castle poster
which is used frequently in the
UnLimited school program. This
visual aid is often a favourite with
the students.
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