Flexible Write Board

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Flexible Write Board
Flexible Write Board
Why is it that as soon as someone stands in front of a whiteboard to try and teach something, everyone's eyes glaze over? Perhaps because they've learned that what's about to take place is both typical and boring.

With our Flexible Write Board resource, you can overcome the typical and boring! This functions as a mobile whiteboard laid out on the floor. You sit on the floor and gather the group around you as you wow them with the latest exciting thing you wish to demonstrate!

This whiteboard can also be used outdoors and is the perfect companion for the Action-Based Facilitator. It can be rolled up and kept (and easily carried around) in the cylinder over-the-shoulder case. Complete with a thick fluoro chalk marker for a bright and fun look to your presentation, this resource is so novel it is sure to combat the glazed eyes.

Includes: Kit comes presented in a sturdy nylon cylinder with shoulder strap and lockable lid, and includes a mat of medium weight PVC 100x140cm, and 1 fluoro chalk marker.

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