Spin the Bottle

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Spin the Bottle
Spin the Bottle
This is a fun, yet powerful, emotional trust building and communication activity played in groups of 4-6 people. It is specifically designed for participants to create a safer, trusting group, which is observed though the deeper sharing as the game continues.

The game consists of four categories of thought-provoking questions, designed to allow participants to reveal significant moments, opinions or ideas from their life story. The categories are: 'Lite', 'Deep', 'Spiro' (spiritually related), and 'Wot The' (simple drawings that ask for a meaning). Within the 'Spiro' Category, there is two options - a set "Spiro L" (lite) and "Spiro D" (deep) depending on the background and context of participants.

This game can be played with teenagers and adults, in a variety of settings from schools, to youth groups, to adult small groups. It generates amazing outcomes in allowing people to connect with others in a significant way.

There are three games in each Spin the Bottle Pack, enough for three groups = 18 participants.

Key Values that can be experienced and integrated through this activity include: Listening, Valuing, Trust, Focused Attention, Commitment, Encouragement, Fun, Understanding, Responsibility, Self Control, Self Reflection, Empathy, Communication, Honour, Acceptance, Appreciation, and Belonging (refer to 'Values Cards' resource for more information).

This is a fun and effective resource for group leaders or facilitators, and you can use it over and over again. Price is GST free.
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"This game has been amazing. As a small group leader, in my youth group I have been trying to connect with my rowdy bunch of 14-year-old boys all year, with seemingly little progress. The night we ran 'Spin the Bottle' has been the most significant. The guys opened up and shared stuff that was happening in their world because of the trust the game develops. Each question was worded so the guys were free to answer as deep as they wanted. The guys now feel more comfortable around each other. The other small groups' feedback on the night was very positive as well." - Chris R
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