Video training kit: No Limits Phase 1 & 2

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Video Training Kit: No Limits - Phase 1 & 2
Video Training Kit: No Limits - Phase 1 & 2
We’re thrilled to offer you this extremely comprehensive resource for facilitating the No Limits school program.

This No Limits Kit is a complete guide to running our effective program for high school students. It will lead you through the program week-by-week to ensure the program is as effective as it can be for your students. It will also prompt you to remember and use your VITAL training, and assist you in being completely confident facilitating the program with your students.

The kit equips you for both phases of No Limits = two school terms of weekly classes. The opportunity for genuine change and growth that students are able to have by taking part in two full terms of No Limits is incredible. We genuinely hope all students will get this opportunity, as we know the difference it makes in their lives.

And, importantly, you as the facilitator will have everything you need to confidently make this happen.

Kit Includes: 16 videos on DVD, two corresponding manuals, with bonus reprintable resources.

Prerequisite - Please note, you must have completed the VITAL Residential Training course and be licensed to run a No Limits Program in order to purchase this resource.

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Price does not include postage.
Price: $465.00