Welcome to the Character Selfie!

The Character Selfie is an exciting new tool which you can add to your ever growing tool box for helping people grow in values and reach their full potential.

This can help you to tailor your No Limits & UnLimited programs by giving you an indication as to what the needs are both for individual particpants and the group.

The Character Selfie is designed to be taken twice-once before the program begins and once again at the end.  Utilising it in this way will not only measure the growth of each participant, but will also provide you with statistics to be able to show results to stakeholders for the purpose of ‘selling’ (or reporting results of) the program.  For us, the statistics it provides is invaluable in being able to obtain funding for upgrading the Character Selfie as well as all of our other Program Kits and resources in the future.

Thank you for participating in this important work.  We appreciate you!

Character Selfie  for No Limits

Character Selfie for UnLimited