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VITAL training programs take small groups of participants on a journey of discovering how to create an authentic community experience aimed at changing lives. We call this experience the VITAL Paradigm. Utilising ‘action-based learning’ principles, we explore how groups form and grow, how to facilitate and diagnose where a group is at, and how to apply these principles in your own environment, whether that’s your school, your community, your workplace or your team. We offer several different variations of training programs to best suit your needs.

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Residential Programs link (complete training)

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Who Can Participate?

Our training is particularly for those who work with (or aspire to work/volunteer with) youth or teams.

People we’ve trained in the past come from all walks of life and have many different reasons for being involved. For example, church leaders, youth leaders, chaplains, youth workers, social workers, office managers and teams, mission/outreach teams and even sports coaches. If you could benefit from growing in your ability to lead teams or groups better, or work with young people more effectively, then our highly successful training is for you.

You need to be at least 18 years of age. However, if you’re not yet 18 and have finished school, please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do!

Why Choose VITAL Training?

Now would be a great time to mention how many years we’ve spent developing the VITAL programs, or how we can tailor our training to suit your needs, or how our training thoroughly equips you to take your new skills back and actually implement them. But we believe our results speak for themselves:

P.S Just in case you would like to know more, check out About VITAL ProJeX 

What Training Options Are There?

What Learning Outcomes Can I Expect?

Following a VITAL training experience, you will have an increased ability to:

  1. Apply knowledge, values and skills to design and document needs-based activities for young people ranging from “at risk” to “leadership development”;
  2. Explain how and why the application of the experiential learning cycle assists individuals to reflect, analyse and address their situation;
  3. Plan and facilitate a group activity which demonstrates an understanding of experiential learning, adventure & engagement models, gaps, situational leadership, and the stages of group development; and
  4. Formulate and apply evaluation mechanisms to activities.

VITAL training provides skills in key areas of managing and leading people, groups, yourself as an individual, and the overall process of change:

  • People Management: Interpersonal skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, counselling and discipline.
  • Group Management: Understanding of group process, understanding of leadership roles, leadership tasks, motivation and team building, authority and its uses, developing work skills, team roles and effectiveness.
  • Personal Management: Decision making, controlling, planning, leading and organising.
  • Planning & Bringing About Change: Organisational culture, creativity, consulting skills, motivation, ownership of outcome and understanding shared value.