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VITAL Professional Development training is personalised and custom-designed training for small groups. It is for those new to VITAL and also for those wishing to refresh their skills or enhance their understanding of the unique VITAL paradigm. Our training is tailored towards helping you apply your skills and learnings in your home environment.

What Will I Learn?

Depending on the length and type of training we organise for you and your team, these are some of the outcomes you can expect growth in:

  • People Management: Interpersonal skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, counselling and discipline.
  • Group Management: Understanding of group learning process, understanding of leadership roles, leadership tasks, motivation and team building, authority and its uses, developing work skills, team roles and effectiveness.
  • Personal Management: Decision making, controlling, planning, leading and organising.
  • Planning & Bringing About Change: Organisational culture, creativity, consulting skills, motivation, ownership of outcome and understanding shared value.

Who Is It For? This training is for teams that work together and for leaders of those teams. You do not have to have any previous training experience with VITAL, though if you do we are able to tailor the training to help you refresh your skills and enhance your understanding of the VITAL Paradigm.

Some other groups we have tailored professional development programs for include:

  • Corporate teams and leaders
  • Sporting teams10386285_10152657130271340_3813896121364022038_n
  • Outreach/Missions teams
  • Community Support staff
  • Youth leaders/workers

If we’ve sparked your interest, then why not Contact Us to chat about how we can tailor our training to you!

What’s Involved?

Naturally this depends on you and your team, but here are some things we can do:

  • 2 hours up to 3 days (9-4pm) training program sessions and camps
  • Focus on core skills that your team needs, e.g. Leadership, dealing with conflict, team effectiveness, group dynamics, learning styles, and more.
  • Action-based learning (i.e. no lectures, no classrooms). This is not your average Professional Development training.
  • A full professional development camp (2 to 3 days) can cover: Understanding and aiming for the highest levels of personal growth in a group environment, forming groups well, maximising the potential of your group, integrating values into a team setting, dissolving conflict easily, experiential learning, different learning styles, action-based learning to accelerate growth, group dynamics and minimising fear and insecurity in teams.
  • You’ll have one of our highly esteemed facilitators all for yourself.
  • Experience real community in your team (you won’t believe it until you see it) as well as genuine personal growth.
  • Lots of laughter, fun and team building guaranteed!

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Here are a few testimonials from people who’ve completed some Professional Development training with us.

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