The fact is, there is no specific “school’s programs list”. The only “list” of programs that Education Queensland has is the Qld Arts Council List of Touring Performance Groups. EQ cannot endorse any individual school programs on their website. It is up to each school administration to decide upon their own programs, which typically happens on recommendations and endorsements through school networks (Regional Principal Network and Strategy or Student Support Networks, Scripture Union Chaplaincy, etc).

To this end, we have collected a large number of endorsements and recommendations which we presented to the Brisbane Regional Education Department. They are very pleased with the outcomes of our programs and will endorse them verbally at every chance. If you would like to confirm that there is no list or ask any further questions, you may contact:

Carol Gollschewsky
North Coast Region Regional Youth Support Coordinator
Department of Education, Training and Employment
Ph: 5459 9164     Mob: 0467 747 432    carol.gollschewsky@dete.qld.gov.au