This is a great question. The original VITAL school program was No Limits which was designed to be run with senior school students ages 15+. UnLimited has been specifically developed in recent years to be run with students aged 10-14.

The reason for developing separate programs is quite simple: developmentally, the two age groups are very different. For the younger age group (UnLimited) you will be dealing with young people who need concrete rather than abstract concepts, have shorter attention spans, need to be settled rather than energised, and who are still predominantly guided by social forces (peers, family, school, etc) for the formation of their values and behaviours. For the older age group (No Limits) you will be working with young people who are able to think in more abstract concepts and theories, have longer attention spans (hopefully), need to be energised rather than settled, and who are beginning to explore their own autonomy to decide their values, behaviours, world view and morality.

While we are working with different age groups, some things remain the same, such as the frameworks of the paradigm from which we work. Therefore, what is done in understanding group dynamics is the same; how it is done is different. Even a brief perusal of the two programs will give you an idea of how the programs have been carefully arranged to be developmentally appropriate in order that we can help the individuals and groups reach their brightest potential.

The feedback and obvious changes in both age groups as they complete these programs instil great hope that miracles still do happen.

Please have a look at the video reviews for No Limits and UnLimited, if you haven’t already, to see just how the different programs are impacting students.