Vital Hub

The VITALHUB assists participants towards integrating back into the community by reducing emotional stress and building character values.

This is an innovative early intervention Hub for youth and young adults who may be disengaged from education, employment and feel isolated from their local community.

With the support of multiple universities, the VITALHUB focuses on character building and reducing trauma by using the latest evidence-based techniques combined with technology, including Virtual Reality, while establishing supportive micro communities.

How is this innovative?

‘Character Selfie’ evaluates pre and post character strengths using immersive VR scenarios.

‘MindTrax Mentor’ Restores emotional freedom in individual soundproof booths, through personalised, interactive journeys reducing stress and trauma where the participant is in control.

‘The FocusBand’ is a portable EEG brain training headband which in real time can assist our minds in learning how to be calm and peaceful. Using gamified Apps and instructions, this is a valuable part of the VITALHUB process.

‘Champions Academy’ establishes unlimited personal and community potential. This Ten-week x 2hr/wk researched character-building program in small groups, is the integrated and supportive follow-on process towards ongoing positive personal and community goals.

‘VITAL Links’ these are strong links with our community supportive social networks including counsellors, employment agencies, police, youth, and disability support services to name a few.

Vital Hub

This program is committed to enhancing community safety, addressing at risk and marginalised youth by improving their emotional regulation, past trauma, and perpetuating risk factors and has resulted in outstanding outcomes. Disengaged students are becoming respectful participants in the school and wider community, with higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and reduced psychopathology.

Bond University is proud to partner with the VITAL PROJEX team to formally assess and analyse their program outcomes as part of this early intervention grant.

Dr Peta Stapleton – Clinical & Health Psychologist — Program Director – Masters of Clinical Psychology | Masters of Professional Psychology, Associate Professor School of Psychology, Faculty of Society & Design